Twin Cities Voyageur English Springer Spaniel Association

We will again this year have new AKC titles recognized with a custom certificate for your dog. In order to assure the information is accurate, please send a high resolution JPG file of the photo(s) you want used to Liz and the following information to both Liz Pike ( and Alice Musburger (

    1. Registered Name of the Dog with complete titles as you want it to appear on the certificate

    2. Complete list of new titles earned in 2022 (with correct AKC abbreviations and with the new titles spelled out as you want them to appear on the certificate. For example, CGCA can be Canine Good Citizen Advanced or Community Canine)

    3. Call name of the dog

    4. Owners as you want listed on the certificate

Liz will send an email acknowledgement upon receipt of both the picture and the information - hopefully this will help assure that there are no missing awards! If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out.

Each year, TCVESSA recognizes the achievements of its members and their Springer(s)at the annual awards banquet.
The following guidelines explain each award and its requirements:

    1. 2022 General Annual Award Guidelines

    2. 2022 Breed Annual Award Guidelines

    3. 2022 Performance Annual Award Guidelines

    4. 2022 Additional Performance Annual Award Guidelines

Please carefully read the guidelines appropriate to your award. For example, if you are applying for a breed award, read the breed award guidelines in the area of your specific award. If you are applying for a performance award, read the performance guidelines and/or look at the additional performance award guidelines to find your specific award.


These are ELECTRONIC FORMS that may be filled out on-line and e-mailed directly by following these instructions:

    1. Fill out form, then "Save As" to your "Documents" folder or other location on your computer.
    2. If necessary, you can save a partially completed form to your "Documents" folder and come back to finish it later.
    3. Create a new email and address it to Alice Musburger at
    4. Attach the form from your documents to your email.
    5. Please do not send cellphone or Ipad photos of the form.
    6. If you cannot send in an email, please print and snail mail to Alice at 626 South Swift Avenue, Litchfield, MN 55355.

Obedience Award Forms
Novice Obedience Award Form
Open Obedience Award Form
Utility Obedience Award Form
UDX Obedience Award Form
Obedience Spring of the Year Award Form

Rally Award Forms
Rally Novice Award Form
Rally Advanced Award Form
Rally Excellent Award Form
Rally Advanced Excellent Award Form
Rally Master Award Form
Rally Springer of the Year Award Form

Agility Award Forms
Novice Agility Award Form
Open Agility Award Form
Excellent Agility Award Form
Master Agility Award Form
Agility Springer of the Year Award Form
Preferred Agility Springer of the Year Award Form

Conformation Award Forms
Best of Breed Award Form
Best of Opposite Sex Award Form
Best Owner Handler Award Form
Best Grand Champion of the Year Award Form

Ambassador Award Form
Ambassador Award Form

Top Titles & Versatility Award Forms
Top Titles Award Form
Versatility Award Form

Congratulations to all the 2020 Award Winners