What to know...BEFORE...you get that new puppy.

What to know...BEFORE...you get that new puppy.

Yes..they are darn cute. And we wouldn't live our lives without one..or two...or six.

BUT...there are things you should know before you bring that darling puppy home with you.

A puppy is a lifelong committment...

There are questions to ask, and answers you should recieve.

There are places to stay away from, and places to go to.

Below are a few links to help you get started.

When you have more questions - and you should have more questions - please email us.

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Links for helpful information

English Springer Spaniel Parent Club
Good Breeders should follow these guidelines.
Good reasons to get a dog.
The ESS parent club's Breeder Referral
English Springer Rescue America Site
You Need to Know
An interesting site comparing different kinds of breeders
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