Twin Cities Voyageur English Springer Spaniel Association

Who We Are . . .

TCVESSA is a Minnesota-based affiliate club of the English Springer Spaniel Field Trial Association and the American Kennel Club. We are a non-profit club. The Association provides our members the ability to network with other Springer fanciers, share information, educate the public about our breed and actively supports both local and national Springer Rescue group efforts. Our members participate in a wide range of activities with their dogs including obedience, conformation, hunt tests, agility, tracking, rally obedience and community service and therapy dog work.

A Short History of TCVESSA

Twin Cities Voyageur English Springer Spaniel Association was incorporated in 1977. The club began as an idea between two old Springer colleagues, and it quickly grew. In fact, its first fun match was held within short weeks of its incorporation and had great support from Minnesota Springer folks. A contest was held to name its newsletter, and “Vox Voyageur,” the Voice of the Voyageur, was chosen.

As the club grew, it maintained an active interest in all aspects of Springer activity, holding Parent Club Working Dog certification tests every year – in addition to a regular schedule of fun matches offering both conformation and obedience competitions.

TCVESSA always had a goal of AKC approval to hold specialty shows/obedience trials. As its board pursued this goal, we discovered that the old field trial club, the Minnesota English Springer Spaniel Club, held the AKC approval for conformation, even though they had no interest in holding specialty shows. Thanks to their cooperation and help, their specialty-holding status was revoked with their approval and consent and TCVESSA was then able to proceed with its application process.

After meeting all appropriate requirements, TCVESSA began in the 1980’s, holding its specialty show and obedience trial each May and its Working Dog certification test each fall. When the American Kennel Club and the Parent Club added hunting tests, TCVESSA was one of the first clubs in the nation to begin a hunting dog training program and a hunting test. As more spaniel hunting organizations became active in and around Minnesota, TCVESSA ceased its training/hunting test program.

Club membership is open to all Springer enthusiasts in Minnesota and surrounding states. TCVESSA now hosts two “back to back” specialty shows/obedience trials each May and also offers a variety of educational programs and an annual awards banquet in March each year during which titles and accomplishments of members’ Springers are celebrated.

With a membership that continues to range from 50 – 70, and active board members and volunteers, TCVESSA is particularly well known for the hospitality of its annual specialty shows and the supportive camaraderie of its members. The club is investigating the possibility of hosting a weekend of agility trials in October of 2012.

Board of Directors

PresidentLiz Pike
Vice PresidentCourtney Hansen
SecretaryCarmen Laing
TreasurerTom Lenzmeier
DirectorsMary Dahl, Michelle Berge, Kathy Patregnani, Diane Slais, Tekla Viker

TCVESSA Mission Statement

Building Springer Enthusiasm in the Land of 10,000 Lakes.

The mission of the Twin Cities Voyageur English Springer Spaniel Association is to promote the breed, to honor its beauty and versatility, and to ensure its healthy future in the state of Minnesota and as part of the larger English Springer community.

The mission is accomplished by:

1) Promoting every facet of English Springer conformation and performance by offering and supporting American Kennel Club and/or ESSFTA events.

2) Offering educational opportunities for members, English Springer enthusiasts and breeders, and the larger dog fancy.

3) Participating in outreach activities that represent our breed to the interested public.

4) Supporting appropriate, mission-consistent causes that advance English Springer health and education.

5) Promoting sound breeding practices and responsible English Springer ownership.

6) Demonstrating ethical and sportsmanlike conduct at all events and activities.

7) Providing enthusiastic support and encouragement for newcomers and long-time members alike.


The TCVESSA Bylaws, enacted November 23, 2008, include the following Articles:

Name and Objects; Membership; Meetings & Voting; Directors and Officers; The Club Year, Annual Meetings and Elections; Committees; Discipline; Amendments; Dissolution; Order of Business; and Parliamentary Authority.

Click here to view our current TCVESSA Bylaws